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Introduction of Angular 2

Posted: November 24, 2021. | By: Admin

Angular2 is not extension of angularJs it’s completely rewritten and simplified the concepts in angular2. Angular2 is open source and it works on typescript and it can be install and run in various ways angular CLI and IDE’s. Angular2 is Cross platform we can develop Mobile application and Desktop application. Hear, angular application has divided different categories those are       

  • Module
  • Component
  • Services
  • Routings
  • Model

 If you are going to start the angular2 project we required node-modules and node-modules path have to specify in index.html. In angular2 tsconfig.json file should be present in project because angular2 works on typescript. In angular2 every file must extends with .ts except view Page (.html). If you want to run angular2 project on local system using command prompt        npm start  and command prompt must be in your project folder location.


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