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AWS EC2 Auto Scaling

Posted: November 24, 2021. | By: Admin


Auto-Scaling AWS EC2


Amazon EC2 Auto Scaling helps us ensure, that we have the proper number of Amazon EC2 instances available, to handle the load for our application.

We create collections of EC2 instances, called Auto Scaling groups. 

I can specify the minimum number of instances in each Auto Scaling group, and Auto Scaling ensures that your group never goes below this size.

I can specify the maximum number of instances in each Auto Scaling group, and Auto Scaling ensures that your group never goes above this size. 

If we specify the desired capacity, either when you create the group or at any time thereafter, Auto Scaling ensures that your group has this many instances..

Overview : What does Auto-Scaling EC2 Provide

The scaling policies that we define adjust the number of instances, within your minimum and maximum number of instances, based on the criteria that we specify.

Fleet managment: You can use Amazon EC2 Auto Scaling for Fleet management of EC2 instances : to help maintain the health and availability of our fleet. 
 Dynamic Scaling: You can also use Amazon EC2 Auto Scaling for dynamic scaling of EC2 instances in order to automatically increase the number of Amazon EC2 instances during demand spikes to maintain performance and decrease capacity during lulls to reduce costs.


How it works

Auto Scaling EC2, has two aspects to it overall:

I) Fleet Management

Whether you are running one Amazon EC2 instance or thousands you can use Amazon EC2 Auto Scaling to detect impaired Amazon EC2 instances and unhealthy applications, and replace the instances without your intervention.

This ensures that your application is getting the compute capacity that you expect.

Amazon EC2 Auto Scaling will perform three main functions to automate fleet management for EC2 instances:

- Monitor the health of running instances : Amazon EC2 Auto Scaling ensures that our application is able to receive traffic and that EC2 instances are working properly.

Amazon EC2 Auto Scaling periodically performs health checks : to identify any instances that are unhealthy.

- Replace impaired instances automatically:
When an impaired instance fails a health check,
Amazon EC2 Auto Scaling automatically terminates it and replaces it with a new one.
That means that you don’t need to respond manually when an instance needs replacing.

- Balance capacity across Availability Zones  Amazon EC2 Auto Scaling can automatically balance instances across zones, and always launches new instances so that they are balanced between zones as evenly as possible across your entire fleet.

II) Dynamic Scaling 
- Amazon EC2 Auto Scaling enables you to follow the demand curve for your applications closely,
reducing the need to manually provision Amazon EC2 capacity in advance.

For example, we can use target tracking scaling policies to select a load metric for your application, such as CPU utilization.
 Or, you could set a target value using the new “Request Count Per Target” metric from Application Load Balancer, a load balancing option for the Elastic Load Balancing service. Amazon EC2 Auto Scaling will then automatically adjust the number of EC2 instances as needed to maintain our target.

We can also use simple scaling policies to set a  condition to add new Amazon EC2 instances in increments when the average utilization of your Amazon EC2 fleet is high, and similarly, you can set a condition to remove instances in the same increments when CPU utilization is low.

If you have predictable load changes, you can also set a schedule through Amazon EC2 Auto Scaling
to plan your scaling activities.

In addtion:
1) Amazon EC2 Auto Scaling can also be used with Amazon CloudWatch, which can send alarms to trigger scaling activities, and Elastic Load Balancing to help distribute traffic to your instances within EC2 Auto Scaling groups.

2) We can also use Amazon EC2 Auto Scaling
in combination with AWS Auto Scaling to scale multiple services.


Finally, before viewing the steps need to implement, the Summary of this article is:

Amazon EC2 Auto Scaling helps you maintain application availability and allows you to dynamically scale up or down your Amazon EC2 capacity automatically according to conditions you define.


Steps to Implement

Setting Up
    Before you start using Amazon EC2 Auto Scaling, we have to complete the following tasks.

    Prepare to Use Amazon EC2
    If you haven't used Amazon EC2 before, complete the tasks described in the Amazon EC2 documentation.

Getting Started
    When you use Amazon EC2 Auto Scaling, we must use certain building blocks to get started.
    Setting up the basic infrastructure for Amazon EC2 Auto Scaling: 

        Step 1: Create a Launch Template
        Step 2: Create an Auto Scaling Group
        Step 3: Verify Your Auto Scaling Group
        Step 4: (Optional) Delete Your Scaling Infrastructure

Launch Configurations

    Creating a Launch Configuration
    Creating a Launch Configuration Using an EC2 Instance
    Changing a Launch Configuration
    Launching Auto Scaling Instances in a VPC

Auto Scaling Groups

    Creating a Group Using a Launch Template
    Creating a Group Using a Launch Configuration
    Creating a Group Using an EC2 Instance
    Creating a Group Using the Launch Wizard
    Tagging Auto Scaling Groups and Instances
    Using a Load Balancer With an Auto Scaling Group
    Launching Spot Instances in Your Auto Scaling Group
    Merging Auto Scaling Groups
    Deleting Your Auto Scaling Infrastructure

Scaling Your Group

    Maintaining the Size of Your Auto Scaling Group
    Manual Scaling
    Scheduled Scaling
    Dynamic Scaling
    Scaling Cooldowns
    Auto Scaling Instance Termination
    Lifecycle Hooks
    Temporarily Removing Instances
    Suspending and Resuming Processes

Monitoring Your Auto Scaling Instances and Groups

    Health Checks
    Amazon CloudWatch Metrics
    Amazon CloudWatch Events
    Amazon SNS Notifications
    AWS CloudTrail Logging

Controlling Access to Your Resources

    Service-Linked Roles
    Launch Auto Scaling Instances with an IAM Role





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