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Posted: November 24, 2021. | By: Admin

Modules are used in Angular Js to put logical boundaries in your application. Hence, instead of coding everything into one application, you can instead build everything into separate modules to separate the functionality of your application. Angular Module contains multiple components to separate the functionality of application.


            It is Bootstrap loading for our Application.

  • The import statement is used to import functionality from the existing modules. Thus, the first 3 statements are used to import the NgModule, BrowserModule and AppComponent modules into this module.
  • The NgModule is used to define the imports, declarations, and bootstrapping options.
  • The BrowserModule is required by default for any web based angular application.
  • The bootstrap option tells Angular which Component to bootstrap in the application.
  • The providers array is used to define the services to load in your page.
  • The declarations array is used to define the Components to load current your page.


import { NgModule }      from '@angular/core'; 

import { BrowserModule } from '@angular/platform-browser'; 

import { AppComponent }  from './app.component'; 

import { AppService }  from './app.service'; 


@NgModule ({

   imports:      [ BrowserModule ],

   declarations: [ AppComponent ],

   providers:      [AppService],             

   bootstrap:    [ AppComponent ]


export class AppModule { }


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