App / Event Reminder Pro

Event Remainder Pro helps you to remember an event on a particular date and time. This application even helps you to send greetings/wishes via SMS/EMAIL to the friends/beloved ones on a specific date and time.

Event Reminders Pro, you easily create a reminder for your daily tasks, and forget about them. When time comes, Event Reminders Pro will remind you.

With Event Reminders Pro, you can quickly set up all kind of reminders:

Calls: you set the contact informations, you set the date/time, and you forget about it. When it's time it shows a notification. You just have to click on the call button.

Tasks: you enter the task description, you set the date/time and when time comes...It reminds you...

SMS/EMAIL: you enter the message text, you set the contact information, you set the time, when time comes... It is sent (or a notification is shown for you to confirm).

Greetings: you can send greetings via Email by attaching videos/audio/images on a particular date/time.

Is there a need to do something urgent at home?

No problem with the Event Reminders Pro. Just set up a text reminder and you will get the notification at the exact time.

Is there a need in reminding you about the parking time?

No problem with the Event Reminders Pro. Just set up the parking reminder and you will never pay for a parking ticket again.

Snooze reminders at different time intervals

Notification settings

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