Design and usability

Since its creation, the Internet has become a mainstay in personal and work lives.

The massive growth of computers increased our knowledge in various fields, using internet we have the ability to get information about various things with our comfort.In short, computer and internet have brought about a great revolution in our day to day life.

Businesses cannot afford to neglect this World Wide Web medium in order to reach a wider target audience for their products or services. A website can be an invaluable investment for a new business and can even provide a fresh lease of life to an old, traditional and diminishing business.

Any successful organization/business is incomplete without a website. And the website reflects your personality, your attitude towards work, and also shows how successful you are to this world.

Rich websites enable potential and existing consumers to learn about your products, services and provides them with a sense of ownership towards your company.

We at Aapthi Technologies provide you that much needed pharos. Our web design services feature a complete gamut of web services be it a single landing page or a fully blown search engine friendly, e-commerce website. We guide you through the process, thereby making the whole-experience customer-friendly, cost-effective and stress-free.

We provide complete web design solutions including graphic design and search engine optimization. Our services feature flash multimedia, online marketing, web promotions, technical support and e-commerce.

(User Experience – UX) Our core web design team is expert in technical skills with outstanding features like-

Unique and custom designs for clients




Cost-effective and timely delivery

Apart from these, our competent team comprising of content writers, SEO experts, programmers and online marketing experts ensure that your voice is audible on the internet and your site does not get lost with the million other similar sites on the net.