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Hybrid App Framework

we will be using Apache Cordova as our hybrid app framework. This is the layer that takes care of managing the communication between the browser window and the native APIs. Our weather app example needs access to the device’s GPS information to know what location to load data for, and Cordova is able to bridge the gap between Angular and the device to retrieve that information.

The core of Cordova provides a lot features, and it also provides a plugin system for developers to create new features such as native API integrations with the phone camera. It is actively maintained and regularly releases new version with improvements and new features.

You can find out more about Cordova at You may also have heard of Phonegap. Adobe contributed Phonegap to the Apache Software Foundation under the name Cordova. Today, Phonegap is a distribution of Cordova, or in other words Phonegap is essentially Cordova with support for a few additional commercial features from Adobe. For the purposes of this book we will use Cordova, but you could use Phonegap and its commercial features if you desire.

Cordova is an open source Apache project that has a large community around it. Adobe continues to be a major developer of the framework. Cordova is licensed under Apache 2.0 license.