Multiple versions of Internet Explorer & Mozilla

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Summary: Description: Open to install multiple versions of Internet Explorer. Open href=” to install multiple versions of Mozilla. Note: You can also find the .exe file (IE) at \\srvcollabor\Share-dev\software\IECollection1705 Mozilla collection at \\srvcollabor\Share-dev\software\MozillaCollection

Comparison between MyIsam and Innodb

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Summary: Description: S.No Particular MyISAM InnoDB         1 Limitation No foreign keys and cascading deletes/updates No full text search     No transactional integrity (ACID compliance)       No rollback abilities           … Continued

Reading Rawmails using PHP

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Summary: Reading Raw mail Using PHP. Install the PEAR library mimeDecode in server Following Code is Used to read the RAW mail  require (“mimeDecode.php”); // Receive the entire email to a string $stdin = fopen (‘php://stdin’ , ‘r’); $whole_mail = … Continued