OWASP Top 3 Application Severe Security Risks

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Summary: 1. Injection: Impact SEVERE Injection flaws, such as SQL, OS, and LDAP injection, occur when untrusted data is sent to an interpreter as part of a command or query. The attacker’s hostile data can trick the interpreter into executing … Continued

OWASP Top 7 Application Moderate Security Risks

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Summary: 1. Cross-Site Scripting (XSS) – Impact MODERATE XSS is the most prevalent web application security flaw. XSS flaws occur when an application includes user supplied data in a page sent to the browser without properly validating or escaping that … Continued

Protecting Your PHP Source Code With ionCube Encoder

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Summary: One of the issues PHP developers face is that PHP is an interpreted language, meaning PHP source code is readable by anybody who downloads your applications. This article will tell you how to protect your intellectual property by encoding … Continued

Avoid spam comments

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Summary: Server side validations are must for Public pages to avoid spam. In socialsphere website, spam comments were posted under website blogs section. Blog section doesn’t require login for writing comments.  This page had client side validations for captcha and … Continued