Delete Duplicate from MySQL Table

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Recently in many projects, we got the problem of data being duplicated in many table, such as cities for FFC, login log in Connected living and so on. In this post I am going to demonstrate you with example, how … Continued

PDF Generation

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Summary: TCPDF : TCPDF is one of the most  powerful PDF-generator PHP. This makes it easy to install and iterative development quite easy to generate PDF  by your PHP code without any intermediate steps. TCPDF supports different image formats like … Continued

HTML5 Snake Game

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Summary: By using HTML5, Javascript we can create a snake game. Code :  This code contains three functions play_game(), rand_frog() and set_game_speed(). If you want to change the game theme, modify these five variable values such as level, rect_w, rect_h, … Continued