Comparison between MyIsam and Innodb

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S.No Particular MyISAM InnoDB
1 Limitation No foreign keys and cascading deletes/updates No full text search
    No transactional integrity (ACID compliance)  
    No rollback abilities  
2 Decision for selecting DB Engine Good to use when there is more Read Queries Use when there is more Write Queries
3 Available hardware   Requires additional hardware in order to function as efficiently as MyISAM
4 Locking Schema MyISAM uses table-level locking. That means that if you run a query against the table, the whole table will be locked. InnoDB uses row-level rather than table-level locking. If a row is being inserted, updated or deleted, only changes to the same row are held up until that request has completed.

Tables that receive more updates than selects may be faster with InnoDB.

5 Changing database engine alter table tablename Engine=innodb; alter table tablename Engine=myisam;
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