Mysql query optimizations in where clause

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Summary: Iam listing some of the points to optimize mysql query : These are things we need to remember while writing the queries . Removal of unnecessary parentheses: ((a AND b) AND c OR (((a AND b) AND (c AND … Continued

Boolean Full-Text Searches

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Summary: MySQL can perform boolean full-text searches using the IN BOOLEAN MODE modifier. With this modifier, certain characters have special meaning at the beginning or end of words in the search string. In the following query, the + and – … Continued

Mysql String Functions

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Summary: ASCII() Return numeric value of left-most character BIN() Return a string representation of the argument BIT_LENGTH() Return length of argument in bits CHAR_LENGTH() Return number of characters in argument CHAR() Return the character for each integer passed CHARACTER_LENGTH() A … Continued

Delete Duplicate from MySQL Table

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Recently in many projects, we got the problem of data being duplicated in many table, such as cities for FFC, login log in Connected living and so on. In this post I am going to demonstrate you with example, how … Continued

Doctrine Delete, Update Issue

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Summary: Whenever we are Editing or Deleting a record using doctrine query, If the where condition primary key is null or empty. It is deleting/updating¬† all the records from the table. lets take the following example sql query: delete from … Continued