Features Introduced in HTML 5

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Summary: Features Introduced in HTML 5 •    Semantics: Html 5 has introduced new tags which help in adding semantic value to the page. The     new tags help in understanding the structure of the document. It helps you in recognizing the … Continued

Best Practices for making web pages fast

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Summary: The Exceptional Performance team has identified a number of best practices for making web pages fast. Minimize HTTP Requests :  80% of the end-user response time is spent on the front-end. Most of this time is tied up in … Continued

Plug-in tools, to know table borders in IE Browser

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Summary: Plug-in tools, to know table borders in IE Browser 1)  Introduction 2)  Tools (css files) 3)  Process 4)  Output 5)  Usage 1) Introduction : These tools are IE based and written in css coding and specific to IE. These … Continued

Difference Between HTML and HTML5

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Summary: HTML 5 adds new elements to specifically identify each of these common constructs: header: The page header shown on the page; not the same as the head element section: A part or chapter in a book, a section in a chapter, … Continued

Solve IE6 Problems

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Summary: Set position: relative Setting an element to position:relative solves a multitude of problems, especially if you have ever experienced invisible or strangely aligned boxes. Obviously, you need to be careful that absolutely-positioned child nodes are repositioned accordingly. Use display:inline for floated … Continued